Bridging Finance

We largely specialise in property finance and understand the market. We know the latest developments. We source the best deals and we have access to both exclusive and semi exclusive private funding lines. We do have minimum funding criteria of £75,000 and our maximum on any single deal is in the region of £15 million.

Bridging Finance

A bridging loan or bridging finance is a great solution for clients that need quick access to capital. It is a short-term interest-only loan to 'Bridge' the gap - or in other words, to provide some breathing space - while other finance is secured

As most types of bridging are non-regulated and as such all our finance is secured against a suitable asset. At Sandringham Finance we do not charge upfront fees or such like. We are a small family size business which in turn allows us to be both personable and flexible. We understand what is going on your side simply because we were once where you presently are and can appreciate those dynamics.

Sandringham Finance's lending broadly depend on what the loan is being taken out for. Our products generally fit into one of the following categories but it will be worth making contact with us if you can't find what you need here:

  • Properties Residential - buying, refinancing, refurbishment, etc.
  • Commercial - Buying, refinancing, refurbishment, etc,
  • Semi Commercial, etc.
  • Bridge to Let - Buying rental property that needs further refurbishment/development.